A Walk Through of the History of Slots

Slots have been one of the famous games that you play on casinos. If you ever been in a casino, you’ll see a lot of these machinesall over the place. Well, it’s kind of harmless to say that you haven’t been to a casino unless you tried to play a slot machine. You just got to try them before you even think of any othergaming machine.

It’s interesting to know more about how the famous slot machine came into existence. Thanks to Mr. Charles Fey, slot machines are around today. Back in 1887, he invented the first ever slot machine with a design of having three reel and five symbols. The historical symbols were spades, diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, and the symbol that gave the most payout, Liberty Bell, which by the way why the first slots were called as such.

Even with the ban on gambling on the state of California where Fey is situated, the demands of his spectacular invention were high. In fact, he barely keeps up with the demands of neighboring states.

The next design of slot machine was invented four years after Fey’s machine. Manufacturers Sittman and Pitt invented this new slot in New York. The design was an upgrade from Fey’s where they have five reels and 50 symbols, which is basically the face of cards. The combinations to win are same as the combinations in the game poker. This was now known to be the precursor of modern slots.

After almost a century, the electromechanical slot machine came into existence. This machine was given a name ‘Money Honey’ by its developer, Bally Manufacturing. It was not close to perfect, but it was functional. Although it hasn’t kept people from cheating, a lot of machine owners were glad to relieve attendants and cut cost since the machine were able to payout up to 500 coins already.

Luckily, video slot machines were invented in 1976. This was a great development that made the machine incredibly hard to be cheated upon. These machines instantaneously become famous and they mostly reside in what we get to know as the center for gaming, Las Vegas.

Technology made consistent changes to the slot machines and it has now more paylines than ever before. You might be surprised that you can have at 9 to 50 paylines possible. Also, you are able to win about 243 ways. The game has become sophisticated and people loved it.

As of today, online slot machines have been gaining popularity. People play and bet at home. It is safe and they can play the game at their convenience. Now with the many software and developers, the game is becoming very interactive. It’s notable that prizes are becoming more and more lucrative while bonus games are beyond exciting.

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